About Us

Working collectively for 20 years in the cleaning industry, we pride ourselves in providing clients with professional service, guaranteed quality and the highest level of efficiency.

Our clientele includes, but not limited to:  major office buildings, day-care facilities, aged-care facilities, schools, supermarkets, clubs, industrial settings. 

We provides specialized cleaning, detailing, and daily or nightly maintenance services for clients of all sizes, including window, carpet cleaning, floor sealing and industrial cleaning. 

Ever since we (Leo & Tony) merged our businesses into Winbro 10 years ago, Winbro has always been a company driven by the pursuit of service excellence. Through continuous improvement processes, we constantly refine our approach to service delivery to focus on what our clients desire most in a commercial cleaning provider: quality, consistency and value.

Relationships are at the heart of Winbro’s business. We care about our clients and achieving their objectives. We care about our staff and their needs and goals. We care about quality, safety and being environmentally savvy, no matter how big or small. 

Director Leo & Tony