Carpet Cleaning

Removing stains on your carpet can be difficult. Our company can help you remove those stains from your carpet through the use of our machines and environmentally friendly chemicals.

Environmentally friendly using natural citrus. Baby and pet safe non toxic solution. Stain Removal expert. Water damage restoration.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:
Upon arriving at your location and prior to cleaning, a skilled technician will perform a thorough inspection to determine the best method required to properly clean your type of carpet. Light furniture that can be moved will be safely set aside. Problematic areas in the carpeting may receive pre-spot cleaning prior to starting the full carpet cleaning process.

  • Vacuuming
  • Pre-spray
  • Steam cleaning and shampoo
  • Spot cleaning treatment
  • Sanitising and deodorising

During the cleaning process our certified carpet cleaners will delicately manoeuvre through the targeted areas with care and coordination to ensure all surfaces are covered and cleaned for complete uniformity. It is this level of experience and thorough knowledge of textiles and cleaning methods that affords our team the confidence and ability to provide some of the best quality services to demanding clients.