12 August 2018
Very pleased with the quality service they offered. Price was relatively cheap and the company gave me other great offers.
Julie Hamilton

01 November 2018
Winbro Cleaning cleans my small office once a week. They pay attention to all detail and ensuring that I am satisfied with the quality as they often contact me about the quality of their service.
Jan Abel

29 December 2018
They arrive on time and finished at the required time. I would recommend to friends as their service is top quality.
Simon Ceara

05 February 2019
No issues. Got the job done in the way required. Happy to do business again with them.
Erica Kim

27 May 2019
To our office cleaners, thank you for providing our office with such a good cleaning service for the past few months. It is great to come to work to a clean office environment after your cleaning services the night before.
Peter S.h